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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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If you've never felt a tattoo gun, it's really, really hard to explain. Some people describe it as annoying, and it honestly is... It's that sort of pain that isn't necessarily bad, but is just so obnoxious that you want to claw your way away from it. It's like plucking out your eyebrows really hundreds of times a second. At least it was for me, and I remember twitching a little every now and then because it made me really good.... After that I went back in and watched as my friend got her tattoo. I ended up holding her hand through a lot of it since I guess I was making some pretty horrible expressions while getting mine, and it made her a little nervous :)

Slave Butterfly from Japan
Japanese Butterfly
Tokyo, Japan
Tattooed and pierced Japanese slave

One of the most beautiful and well known internet girls that has one hell of bodywork done on her by her master. This wonderful collection of multiple piercings and genital tattoos will make you want to get your own skin done that way. Her heavy labia rings hang low pulling her lips with all that weight. Sexy tattooed nipples and ass with beautiful erotic designs will drive you crazy for more body art. Come see more pictures of this beauty in our member area.

Tattooed With Pierced Nipples
24, USA.
Tattooed and pierced

Then he started to tattoo me. I was surprised to find that It didn't hurt half as much as I'd thought. In fact It was very similar to a cat scratch or sunburn. So I decided I would take a look, and was even more suprised to find that the big scary needle actually resemble a pen! The tattoo guy told me he wanted to do my star in two tone, to make It a bit different. Currently my sleeve in progress goes almost down to my elbow on the front side of my arm. I am hoping that the next time I add to it I will get something on the back side of my arm in order to complete the upper part of my sleeve.

Crazy Sorority Babe with Tattoos
24, USA.
Tattooed college party girl

The electric-tingle, scalpel-sharp hot-dance of the needles across my soft goosepimpled skin had begun. Was I smiling or were my teeth gritted? Was this pleasure or pain? As the new-born lines on my body began to take shape and emerge into clarity, other mental lines were being blurred. I closed my eyes and let the buzzing sound fill my head. Slow, steady breaths; in and out... in and out... in and out.... Watching the faint blue pen lines become suffused with dark colour was hypnotic. Will I get more tatts?? For fucking sure. I love ink and love that feeling of the needle going in ...