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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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21 Years old
Pierced and tattooed college student
I knew what to except for the tattoo I had one done before on my ankle but it was done in a much smaller scale compared to the one I was getting on my back, so I was a little bit nervous before going into the shop. I was not too sure what I should expect. This was the largest tattoo I was going to get at the time so I had a few issues running through my head about what I should expect during the tattoo process then through the healing time period. Not only did I pick a painful spot...but I wanted to go pretty big, its about four inches by five inches...and the kanji was made from two symbols, so not only was it big, but there were two.
Gollege Hottie
23 Years old
Tattoos, tattoos and more tattoos
.. When I think about the time I began my adventures with body mods, I still can feel this wonderful tingling sensation in my stomach, my readiness to get to the shop on time no matter what, loud rock music blasting around me and making the life seem so adventurous and exciting. And all next adventures/sessions felt more or less the same – excitement, joy, feeling positive and determined to get what I wanted; discovering pain, my own tolerance for it and the wonder of the healing process totally anew. It was usually unusual and suddenly it wasn't there and it didn't feel right.
Tattooed Angel
user submitted GF
20 Years old
Tattooed wings
Once the tattoo started I thought to myself it was not so bad. I could only describe it as a scratching sensation. The pain came in spurts. There were moments where I was fine and moments where the pain was so intense that I had to hold my breath. Especially when the needle hit the outside edge of my foot. This process took the longest. For me it felt like an hour, but supposedly it was only ten minutes. I thought all was done, but had not realized he still had color to do. The shading was probably the worst there were times when I had to remind myself to breathe. I decided to make my flower blue...that is my favorite color.
Tattooed LA Babe
Biker and punk rock babe.
25 Years old
Tattooed and pierced
As I explained in my last experience, I have been amazed by tattoos since I can remember. And the rose meant something to me, so I decided to get another rose, other than the one on my wrist, on the back of my neck, just where it joins the spine, and at a later date I want one on my right wrist as well, so I have a triangle of them. So I found the design of the last one and changed it slightly, because I have changed a lot since I got the one on my wrist. I have adored back tattoo's of any sort for a while now, and I have always wanted one. So that's why I decided on the placement this time.