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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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Tattooed and Pierced Punk babes
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Sexy Blonde Girlfriend
21 Years old
Gothic babe with sexy tattoos
I was terrified of the pain, but surprisingly calm when it started. I unfortunately wasn't one of the people whose foot tattoo didn't hurt at all, because it certainly hurt more than anything I had ever experience. I found that constantly breathing deeply and steadily helped the most with relaxing and taking the pain, but there were points when I wanted nothing more than to tell the artist to stop and just walk away right there. Because it is tribal style there were lots of lines to outline, which is what hurt so much. But once the shading started everything was okay again as it didn't hurt nearly as much. It was just more annoying than anything.
Blonde Girlfriend With Fresh Tattoos
Bianka from Denmark
27 Years old
Erotic tattoos for one I love
When the actual tattooing began, I realized how much more painful this location was than my first one (the first had been very low on my left hip and only about 2 x 2 inches). This design however, spans probably 6 x 2.5 inches, if not more. Having to outline all those stars was something, let me tell you. There were times when I could barely even exhale because of how much the outline hurt. Every time he would touch me with the needle, my whole stomach would involuntarily tense up, to the point that I was getting a cramp in my abs! Other than having a needle poking me a zillion times, the experience was actually enjoyable!
Tattooed Dominatrix
Miss Cruel
25 Years old
Loves to dominate
The second the gun started buzzing my nerves all came back at once. The first 60 seconds hurt the most. Then I knew what I was going to be in for. The coloring hurt pretty bad too, but it was not the annoying pain like the out line, more of a pressure being applied, over and over. The humming of the needle made me relax just a wee little bit as he counted from 1 to 3 and started my outline. Fuck that hurts I thought to myself. I began to remember the feeling of the time I got the tribal tattoo on my chest and how much it hurt and felt like crying. This, though, wasn't so bad. This I could take. This, actually felt good.
Pierced And Tattooed Full Time Slave
Slave K
43 Years old
Slave tattoos and piercings

At first I have to say that I am a permanent slave and as long as I can think I was fascinated (and aroused) by PERMANENT body modifications. Piercings, tattoos to show submissiveness.... the more permanent and un-undoable the better.So when I became property of my master I really begged for getting a tattoo and genital piercings Finally he agreed and I was so happy. Yes, it was great, but no, it was not THAT ultimate sign of me being his slave. After getting my very first tattoo and pussy rings I wanted more and more.. I felt like a real slave now.and wanted more of that feeling!